Comilla – Jagannathpur

Address: East Bibirbazar Road, Jagannathpur, Comilla, Bangladesh – 1207

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Description : Sri Sri Jagannatha Temple, also known as Sateraratna Mandir or seventeen-jewel temple, is located in Comilla, Bangladesh. It is dedicated to Lord Jagannatha. It dates back to the 16th century, and was built by Sri Maharaja Radha-kisore Manikya Vahadura, who was the king of Tripura. The deities of Jagannatha, Balabhadra and Subhadra were originally installed in a temple in Tripura from where they were subsequently shifted to this temple.

Jagannatha Temple is one of the oldest temples of Comilla district. It is located two km south-east from Comilla town. The terracotta brick work of the temple is in the typical Bengal style of temple architecture. The seventeen jewels are the towers that originally crowned the structure but have been damaged: eight on the first floor, eight on the second, and one more in the centre.


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Celebration : all ISKCON Big festivals like :
Gaura purnama
Julan yatra 
Govardhan pooja
Preaching activities:
Daily book distribution & book stall at local festivals.  
Tamil Back to Godhead  – 2017 awarded as leading in first place.
Competition for Children’s-  Sloka ,Essay & drawing based on Bhagavat Gita As it is.
Damodhara  month Deep Dhan Program for school & Villages.
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Tulasi pooja
Gaura Arathi
Sunday feast program @ 11am to 1 pm
monthly public program on second Saturday.
Annual Ratha Yatra  conducted for 2015 & 2016 as yearly anniversary festival.
Holy Dham Yatra 
Sri Dham Mayapur on Narashama Jaiyanti 
Jaganath Puri 
Vrindavan on Karthik month 
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