Jarna – New Caitanya Candrodaya Mandir

Address: Almviks Gard, Jarna, Sodertalje, Stockholm County, Sweden – 153 95
Phone: +46 (8551) 52050,  Fax: +46 (8551) 52060
Website: www.almviksgard.se Email: info@almviksgard.se, almviks.gard@pamho.net 
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Description: Their Lordship Pancatattva is the presiding Deities of Jarna. New Caitanya Candrodaya Mandir is a ISKCON's rural community with temple, cow protection, village, day care school, organic farming, forest, eco-suage system, some straw/clay houses, 30 adults, 25 children, 10 cows/oxen. sunday feast 13.00


ISKCON Jarna Temple View
ISKCON Jarna Temple View


ISKCON  Jarna Main Altar
ISKCON  Jarna Main Altar


ISKCON Jarna Pancatattva

ISKCON Jarna Website


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