Salt Lake City

Address: 965 East 3370 South, Salt Lake City, Utah, United States Of America – 84106
Phone: 801 4874005 
Website: www.utahkrishnas.org  Email: carudask@burgoyne.com, carudas@earthlink.netutahkrishnas@gmail.com
Description: This new temple is housed in a former elementary school on four acres in downtown Salt Lake City. It was opened recently with the support of the nearby ISKCON temple in Spanish Fork, and will be expanded to suit the congregation over time. 


ISKCON Salt Lack City

Iskcon Spanish Fork Website

Spanish Fork

Address: 311 West 8500 South, Spanish Fork, Utah, United States Of America – 84660
Phone: (801) 7983559 Fax: (810) 798-9121
Website: www.utahkrishnas.com  Email: carudas@earthlink.net, carudask@burgoyne.com
Facebook: ISKCON Spanish Fork  YouTube: Videos Directions: Google maps Gallery: View images


ISKCON Spanish Fork 

ISKCON Spanish Fork


ISKCON Spanish Main Altar
 Iskcon Spanish Fork Website

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