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Bhaktivedanta Academy Mayapur (For Girl’s)

Address: Bhaktivedanta Academy (girl's),Mayapur.
Phone: +91 3472 39500
Website: www.vidyapitha.com  Email: sriradhe108@hotmail.com 
Principal: Sri Radhe
Language: English Board Day: Day Boys/Girls: Girls Ages Grades: 6-16

Description: Sri Anasuya Vidyamandala is the central school of the Bhaktivedanta Cultural Academy.The school runs a primary, secondary and tertiary day school program for girls.The Sri Anasuya Vidyamandala runs similar curriculum to the Sri Yajna Varaha Vidyaksetra.
It's primary and secondary programs groom students for higher education in the Academy's tertiary educational programs.

Bhaktivedanta Academy Mayapur (For Girl’s)

Bhaktivedanta Academy Mayapur (For Boy’s)

Address: Bhaktivedanta Academy (boys), Mayapur. C/o Rishi Nathany 12 Earle StreetCalcutta 26
Phone: +913472245306
Website: www.vidyapitha.com  Email: Priti.Vardhana.BVPS@pamho.net

Principal: Priti Vardhana Dasa
Language: English Board Day: Boarding Boys/Girls: Boys Ages Grades: Age 8-16
Description: Students of this extremely specialized school will graduate with a firm foundation in the Vedic sciences of Sanskrit (grammar, diction, etymology), Astronomy (as math's), Nyaya (logic), Vedic culture (puja, yagna, mantra chanting, cooking and music), the Puranas (as history and geography), as well as contemporary academics.

Bhaktivedanta Academy Mayapur (For Boy's)


Bhaktivedanta Academy Website


Sri Mayapur International School – Mayapur, West Bengal, India

Address: Sri Mayapur International School, Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Marg, Sri Mayapur Dham, Nadia District,West Bengal, India – 741313
Phone:  +91 740708880
Website: www.smismayapur.com  Email: iskconsmis@gmail.com
Facebook: Sri Mayapur International School 
Principal: Deva Gaura Hari das
Language: English Board Day: Day Boys/Girls: Both Ages Grades: K-12

Description: Our school was founded in 1991 to give education to the children of the Mayapur community, and since that time has been a shelter for hundreds of young Vaisnavas, who have taken the special experience of living and learning in Mayapur with them in their hearts, and spread the mercy of the Dham throughout the world.SMIS offers education from Nursery through to year 12, and the three main curriculum strands are devotional, academic and vocational. Our curriculum page gives more information on these strands. The three curriculum strands are designed to give students the tools to successfully navigate their spiritual life, by giving training in devotional arts and culture, along with a strong academic program based on the UK and Cambridge International curriculum, with the alternative of various vocational training programs for students who are more suited to excelling in these fields.
Through this program, students are prepared on all levels: physical, occupational, social, and spiritual, to successfully navigate their future spiritual lives, and thus have the chance of attaining ultimate success at the end of this life.

Sri Mayapur International School