Jakarta – Central

Address: Sri Nilacala Jagannatha Ksetra Dhama, Jalan Pasar Baru Selatan No. 7F, Next to Gandhi School, Jakarta, Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia – 10710
Phone: +62 (021) 4899646, +62 (021) 3454562 Mail: P.O. Box 2694
Email: jagannatha.jakarta@facebook.comtapana_misra@yahoo.com
Discription: Daily Arati are as any other ISKCON Temple. Best time to visit is on Sunday at noon for the feast. Simple temple. Serving as a stay for some of the devotees who are working in Jakarta. When any sanyasis visit, they also end up coming here.

ISKCON Jakarta central-temple Veiw

ISKCON Jakarta-Central Temple Hall